Watch Dana

Steve Wynn fires cocktail executive, tells her, “I love you, Nancie!”


The truth about the former Nevada Highway Patrolman who captured polygamist fugitive Warren Jeffs.

Cheating is big business.  Meet Cheaterville.

Here is a compilation of some of my work.

Is Las Vegas worthy of a designation as medical tourism destination?  Dr. George Alexander weighs in.

The Gamers v. The Margin Tax: What my exclusive investigation revealed about the relationship between the Las Vegas Strip and UNLV.

Where does U.S. Senator Dean Heller stand on oil subsidies?  Depends on the day!  Plus, Heller says he won’t waver on a nominee for the federal bench because of her stand on the Second Amendment.

vegas mixx

Vegas Mixx

In Business looks at an effort to illegally dispense a drug for sexual dysfunction and its connection to late entertainer Danny Gans. Plus, why fix it if it is not broken? That’s what medical professionals are asking the Board of Medical Examiners about some proposed new rules for doctors.

Boyhood: Prison Style


Ex-communicated Mormon Kate Kelly speaks out.

The Final Ralston Reports

The son of former Governor Kenny Guinn alleged to have falsified documents

One of Nevada’s top cosmetic surgeons tries to crackdown on competitors and exposes his own shady practice in the process.



















Fascinating interview with former Henderson City Councilwoman Kathleen Vermillion, who admits she was on booze and pills during much of her tenure.  Story starts with 5:00 left on the time counter.

Part two of my second round of exclusive interviews with Kathleen Vermillion, following her breakdown and drug overdose. Starts with 10:30 left on the time counter.

Kathleen Vermillion before the breakdown, on allegations she extorted her ex-boyfriend, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.




Here’s the unedited version of my jailhouse interview with Colleen Rimer, as she faced murder charges for leaving her son in a hot car.

At 4:30 remaining in the program… my lifelong friend September Sarno talks about her father.

Wife of sheriff candidate pleads menopausal, denies abuse whispers

Here’s the final Ralston Reports – a look back at 14 years.

K9s Kenneled – NHP Troopers turn in their leashes in protest of a program they say could be compromising your civil rights.







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