Vegas Golden Knights Ride to Rescue of Shell- Shocked City

Our designation as the Entertainment Capital of the World has always been a source of pride for Las Vegans. Same is true of our reputation for hosting major sporting events.  Championship boxing matches,, tennis challenges, the UFC – not to mention our chronic case of Runnin’ Rebel Fever.

But the inaugural season of the Vegas Golden Knights is different.  Our city has never been kicked in the communal gut the way it was on October 1, the night Sin City truly lost its innocence.

Like something out of an Arthurian tale, the Knights rode to the rescue, honoring the fallen and celebrating the survivors and heroes.

I don’t pretend to know the first thing about hockey.  I don’t know the rules, never been to a game nor bought a t-shirt.  But I cried today watching the home team advance to the Stanley Cup finals.  Not tears of victory but of healing for the town I love.

So consider me a hockey fan.  Who is this guy Stanley and where can I buy a t-shirt? I don’t care if they forgot the “Las” before “Vegas” in the team name.  The Vegas Golden Knights remembered the important stuff.




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