Green Valley High Principal Shuns Gorman Girls’ Volleyball Team

Update: Clark County School District confirms individual administrations have discretion regarding who to include, exclude from events.  No written policy available.  Green Valley HS officials still won’t respond.
Green Valley High School’s website has a prominently placed link at the top of the page to report bullying.  Perhaps that’s where I should register my complaint against principal Kent Roberts.
Roberts, I’m told, is preventing Bishop Gorman High School’s girls’ volleyball team, the reigning state champions, from participating in the Durango Fall Classic presented by Nike and being held at Green Valley HS this weekend.
I wanted to know how a principal can dictate who uses a public facility, but
Roberts did not respond to my emails and the person who answered his phone told me Roberts would have responded if he wanted to talk.
In an email I’ve obtained, Robert Kelly, the tournament director for the Nike event says he supports Gorman’s participation, adding “Unfortunately, once the Green Valley administration heard that Bishop Gorman was going to participate, the principal threatened to close down their gym during the tournament. I do not know why their administration is vehemently opposed to Bishop Gorman playing in the DFC.”
When I inquired, Kelly responded and threatened retaliation against Gorman: “I want you to understand that Bishop Gorman will not be participating in the 2017 DFC, and if you use my name or any part of my email in attempts to further your cause, then in all likelihood, Bishop Gorman will never play in the DFC.”
Perhaps he thought I have a dog in this fight.  I am a Gorman alum, but also the proud parent of four Green Valley grads.
Yes, we’ve all heard the allegations that BGHS recruits for its top-notch football team.  But for Girls’ Volleyball?
I checked the names on the team roster.  Lots of children of alumni and other local folk.
So what’s behind the exclusion?
“Everyone hates Gorman.”  That’s what one friend responded when I asked.
“They beat everyone,” replied one of my kids.  “No one wants to play them.”
I don’t know enough about the recruiting allegations to weigh in but it doesn’t take a genius to know student athletes at Gorman enjoy benefits that many others don’t.
Does that mean they are unbeatable? Or that no one should try?  Or that exclusion is a better option than working harder?
Is that the lesson Principal Roberts is peddling?  Let’s hope not.  But if so, I know where to file my complaint.

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