Strip Club Heiress Who Drove Wrong Way on I-215 Blames Dead Victim

The Tweet storm came out of nowhere on Saturday afternoon. Afroditi Eliades who goes by @taxiallianceusa on Twitter and her new husband, Rick Green (@therick63) were out for blood over a column long ago written by John L. Smith and my twitter post from four years ago, in which I quoted from an Eliades family lawsuit.  

The airing of the family’s dirty g-strings (sorry, couldn’t resist) began in 2007, when Afroditi, driving the wrong way on the interstate, mowed down a 27 year-old Las Vegas motorist named Michael Ponzio.  
Afroditi’s sister, Dolores, fell out of favor with her siblings and dad, Pete, presumably because Dolores refused to go along with what she alleged was a bankruptcy scheme to defraud Ponzio’s family of a $10 million dollar civil court judgment against Afroditi.   
In January, U.S. District Judge Andrew P. Gordon upheld the bankruptcy court’s preliminary ruling in Dolores’ favor.  
Now, after setbacks in cour, and after dismissing the Nevada Supreme Court appeal of her $10 million judgment, Afroditi is mounting a new attack, aimed this time at Ponzio. 
An unverified toxicology report Afroditi tweeted to me appears to indicate Ponzio had marijuana in his system at the time of his death.  Therefore, Eliades and her new husband, Rick Green, claim Ponzio was responsible for the collision, not the lady driving the wrong freaking way on the highway.
Green has posted on various sites in recent months that the alleged presence of marijuana renders Ponzio responsible for his own death.
Of course, neither Eliades nor Green mention that NHP troopers reportedly suspected Eliades was impaired.  She was never charged criminally.
I would have posted the toxicology report Afroditi sent me, but she and Green deleted their tweets after apparently realizing they could be viewed as threats.  Here’s what I captured:

Rick Green


Who is Afroditi Eliades’ new husband?  More to come.

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