Police investigating child sex abuse allegations against Gov. Guinn’s son, daughter-in-law

Metro Police confirm they are “actively investigating” allegations of child sex abuse against Jeff and Monica Guinn, the son and daughter-in-law of former Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn.  No charges have been filed.

The Guinn’s son, Colton, now 24, alleges in police reports that he was the victim of sexual abuse at the hands of his parents from the age of four to 15 years and suffered physical abuse from the age of four to 22 years.

Colton Guinn told police he was sexually abused 30 to 40 times between 1996 and 2007, during the time Kenny Guinn was governor.

Former First Lady Dema Guinn, who has been interviewed by a Metro Sexual Assault detective, spoke with me by phone about her grandson, who she referred to as “our problem child.”

“He just wants money,” Mrs. Guinn said of her grandson. “He wants to live the lifestyle they used to have.  He thinks Jeff and Monica owe him $3 million.”

“Colton wasn’t raised right,” Mrs. Guinn said of her grandson’s upbringing.  “He was rewarded for bad behavior.  It wasn’t how Kenny and I wanted him raised.”

In a series of police reports filed with Metro Police in April and May of 2016, Colton Guinn details the alleged abuse and says he is being harassed, followed and threatened by his parents because he reported the allegations.

“…they keep trying to get a hold of me and threatening myself and my girlfriend/family with the cops,” he wrote in a police report.

Colton’s father, Jeff Guinn, has a history of co-opting police to do his dirty work and having his foes followed.  Colton Guinn says his father brags of having “cops on the payroll.”

Jeff Guinn is currently standing trial in federal court in a civil bankruptcy fraud case stemming from his failed hard money lending brokerage, Aspen Financial.

(Note of disclosure: From July 2015 through March 2016 I did part time paid investigative work for the Plaintiff’s attorney, Dennis Prince.)

Attorney Dominic Gentile confirms he’s been hired by Colton Guinn but won’t identify the issue, only that it’s “personal business.”

Gentile calls the matter “a very sensitive situation.”

Gentile notes he has not filed a lawsuit on Colton Guinn’s behalf and may not be forced to make a public filing.

“If it’s a thing, and I’m not prepared to say that it’s a thing at all, it’s possible, given the very sensitive nature, that we could avoid filing a lawsuit.  Do I believe him? Absolutely.  But me believing him and proving it are two different things.  I’m going to be awfully cautious,” Gentile said.

Jeff Guinn screamed at me to get away from him when I approached him during a break in his trial to ask about his son’s allegations.  His wife, Monica, hung up on me and did not to respond to a text requesting a response to the allegations.

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