Sex Abuse Victims Beg D.A. For Justice

The children of alleged sex abuser Christopher Sena want Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson to focus his attention on Sena, not their mothers.

Four of the Sena children emailed the letter below to Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson and his prosecutors, James Sweetin and Mary Kay Holthus early this morning.  The children, three of whom are now adults, are pleading for “real justice,” which they say is the release of their mothers.

A plea deal for a minimum ten year sentence is on the table through a Friday  hearing for Deborah Sena.  Prosecutors are attempting to derail her defense by excluding expert testimony on domestic abuse victims.  Note of disclosure – my longtime friend Kristina Wildeveld represents Deborah Sena.

Terrie Sena has already accepted a plea deal.

Waiting to hear back from Wolfson and Company.  Will pass on if I do.

January 28, 2016Dear Mr. Wolfson,Why is your District Attorney’s Office trying to hurt us, the childhood victims of our father, Christopher Sena?  Were you elected to hurt the victims of crime?  We think not.You claim you are representing us, the innocent victims.  But you are not.  You and your staff have never even asked us what we want.  Please stop claiming to represent us when you and your staff have no idea what we want.  This letter is intended to explain to you what we want.We are now young adults, ages 17 to 25.  We understand what is going on and what went on in our lives.  We know we are victims of Christopher Sena.  We know our mothers were also victims of Christopher Sena.  Our mothers did not victimize us kids; they were also victims of Christopher Sena.  We know.  You do not know.  We were there.  You were not there. Please stop saying you are trying to protect us from our mothers.  We do not need protection from our mothers.  We love our mothers and they love us.  And they never wanted to hurt us, only to stop our father from hurting us more.Our mothers were, on a few occasions, forced under threat against them and their children, to go along with Christopher Sena’s perverted acts.  But they were not and are not dangers to us.  Our father was the only dangerous person in our family.We know that our father involved our mothers when he could for three reasons: to satisfy his perverted desires, to make videos that he could use as blackmail against our mothers, and ultimately to try to get our mothers thrown in prison if our father was ever caught.You are helping Christopher Sena to get his last perverted desire fulfilled – to have our mothers punished for our father’s crimes.  You seem to be trying to help Christopher Sena have the satisfaction of seeing these innocent and abused women serving the prison sentences that only Christopher deserves. You are also providing Christopher Sena with the satisfaction of knowing that his children are now deprived of their mothers.  Yes, our father wants us kids punished for escaping him and testifying against him.  And by throwing our mothers in jail you have given Christopher exactly what he wishes.You have already made Christopher Sena happy by throwing Terri Sena, his ex-wife, in prison for 10 years to life.  This week you are continuing to try to do the same to the best mother in our lives, Deborah Sena.Deborah Sena came into our lives 17 years ago.  Throughout our time with her she was the family breadwinner, the nurturer of the children, and the responsible and sober adult.  She was our best protector and role model, and did everything she believed she could do to protect us.  She was ultimately the person who helped us escape from Christopher Sena and turned him in to the authorities. We are getting our lives together, but we are often sad and angry.  We are not sad and angry so much because of what our father did to us.  We are sad and angry because you and your office are punishing our mothers.  We are sad and angry that you are punishing us victims by depriving us of our mothers.Stop saying you are representing us and our interests.  You are not!We beg of you to let real justice be served.  Please imprison Christopher Sena for the rest of his life.  He is a danger to us and to society.We beg you, Mr. Wolfson, to release our mothers, who have already served nearly a year-and-a-half in jail as punishment for being abused by our father.  Deborah Sena and Terri Sena are no threat to us or to society.  We are certain they will never again allow themselves to be victimized and used by an evil man.We ask that you help us get our mothers back.  Then we will help you make sure that our father dies in prison.Sincerely,  (names redacted.) We ask that any reporters covering this story please NOT disclose our names to the public.If there is any question as to the authenticity of this letter and signatories, please call (redacted) or (redacted.) However, we will not be providing media interviews at this time. —

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