Dead Mojave HS student may have been about to squeal in murder case

North Las Vegas Police say they have no information that Brantley was going to talk about the Lafon case.  Police also say they have no developments in the Lafon or Brantley homicides.


Who killed Taylor Brantley?  That’s what North Las Vegas Police want to know as they investigate the second deadly shooting involving Mojave High School in a little more than a year.

NLV cops have yet to solve the first case from September 2014, in which they prematurely arrested  and charged then 16-year old Mojave student Patrick Harper for the murder of Andrea Lafon.

Harper was fingered by a couple of fellow students who claimed to have witnessed the marijuana deal gone terribly wrong.

Now, a source close to the case says one of those students, who some surmised only implicated Harper to cover for the real perpetrator, may have been about to identify the real killer.

That student was Taylor Brantley, killed Friday by gunshots in what’s been called an after school fight.

Even after a convenience store video appeared to clear Harper in the 2014 shooting and the District Attorney dismissed the charges, NLV police refused to clear him.

Investigator Toby Tobiasson, who discovered that surveillance video of Harper, said at the time    the so-called witnesses who implicated Harper may have been covering for someone.

NLV police spokeswoman Chrissie Coons scoffed at the notion during an interview   on KNPR :

Coon said the video “blows holes in our investigation, we know that.”

However, Coon added, the problem for North Las Vegas police was that “we still (had) people putting him at the scene (of the murder).”

“Are we to assume that a group of juveniles masterminded a conspiracy to implicate (Harper) for murder?” she asked.

Waiting to hear from Coon on whether police are pursuing the possibility of just such a juvenile mastermind conspiracy now.








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