Court: Med Pot-Smoking Parents are OK

It’s a question that resonates throughout America, in courtrooms where legal marijuana users (medical and recreational) are having their parenting rights challenged, some having lost custody of their children.

Now, a Clark County Family Court judge’s ruling could set precedent.

When I first spoke with Keith Patton he had not seen his young son in months, in protest of a court-imposed restriction requiring supervised visitation, all because Patton is an admitted medical marijuana patient.  Then-Clark County Family Court Judge Gayle Nathan, who imposed the order, acknowledged Patton’s parenting slate was clean – marred only by the residue of his prescription drug.

Nathan lost her bid for re-election and now veteran Family Court jurist Cheryl Moss is lifting the restriction requiring Patton’s visits with his son be supervised, a ruling that flies in the face of the long-standing principle that a pot-smoking parent can’t be in the best interest of the child.

Fifteen years since Nevadans voted to legalize medical marijuana, and with the number of cardholders on the rise and a potential outright legalization on the horizon, it’s about time.

Here’s a link to a program I hosted on the topic:

and link to a program I produced in 2014 featuring Patton and his mother.

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