MMJ Applicants Protest Do-Over

The proclamation from Nevada Gaming Control that licensees can’t moonlight in the marijuana business prompted Clark County business license to send out instructions on do-overs for applicants who want to substitute new ownership for gaming licensees looking to get out.  The problem – the county’s own application instructions say any “additions, deletions, revisions and corrections cannot be accepted once the Department of Business License receives the Preliminary Review Form…”

Medical Marijuana Business Instruction

State law allows a change in ownership of up to 10% but only after the state certificate has been issued.

County spokesman Dan Kulin said the county can do what it wants but hasn’t said who changed the rules.  Applicants, who don’t want to be identified, are crying foul and suggesting all or none should be allowed to tweak their applications.

Waiting to hear more from county on rationale for do-overs.  Will the rules change again should the state bar suggest attorneys can’t hold an interest in MMJ businesses?

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