Names of more MMJ applicants revealed

Who’s behind all those LLCs applying for medical marijuana businesses in Clark County?  Last week we reported Judge James Bixler, Sig Rogich, Brian Greenspun, Anthony Marnell III, Michael and Jenna Morton and others.  Now, documents released by the county hold a treasure trove of more hopefuls.  Among them:

Dr. Florence Jameson

Ed Bernstein

Janie Greenspun Gale

Attorney John Sande IV

Anthony Marnell II

Robert R. Black Sr. (Randy Black)

John Dean Harper (former Police Protective Association attorney)

Josh Griffin (lobbyist)

Matt Griffin (former Deputy Sec. of State, now lobbyist)

Neal Levine (Marijuana advocate)

Jim Hammer (businessman)

Barry Moore (businessman, married to Jane Tobman Moore)

Joel Laub

Scott Sibley (former state lawmaker)

Mark James (former state lawmaker)

Jodi Ghanem

Larry Scheffler (former City of Henderson Councilman)

Bob Groesbeck (former City of Henderson Mayor)

Steven J. Byrne (hard money lender, brother of TV personality Nancy Byrne)

Patrick G. Byrne

Jonathan Fine (son of Susan Greenspun)

Bryan O’Reilly (son for former Gaming Commission Chairman John O’Reilly)

Troy Herbst (JETT Gaming)
Tim Herbst (JETT Gaming)

Mordechai the Jeweler

Let the games begin!

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