Case Dismissed!

It took a year and a half and ten judges to get a hearing, but yesterday Clark County Judge David Barker dismissed the only lawsuit ever filed against Face to Face with Jon Ralston/Ralston Reports (now in our 13th year).  Barker, undoubtedly swayed by the legal eagles at Campbell and Williams, ruled claims by the girlfriend of former Judge Donald Mosley,  Tawanna (T.K.) Crabb, did not arise to defamation.


Crabb took exception to my reporting of how she regained her foreclosed home… noting in her claim that the bank agreed to a settlement, approved by Judge Jesse Walsh.  Indeed, while other Las Vegans were mired in foreclosure, it was Crabb’s own recounting of how Walsh granted Crabb her home free and clear after the bank had wrongfully foreclosed that piqued my interest in the story.  And in a failed lawsuit against the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Crabb stated in pleadings that she had won (not settled) her lawsuit against the lender. A review of the court records revealed Walsh was required to approve the settlement.   Here’s a link to the segments.

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